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Cross-platform mobile application PM, QA and development


RH Ink

From 2009 to 2011 RH Ink - aka inkrh.com was operated as a dba for contract artist work, creating print-ready artwork for use with websites, mobile apps, posters, logos and various other marketing or publicity pieces, as well as providing minor development and documentation services.

Recent Work

My most recent work includes technical analysis, mobile application vulnerability scanning, mobile application and back-end development, and project management.


I currently work for Merck & Co. Inc. with mobile application development teams, where I am responsible for improving development, code security, and publication standards. I am occasionally available for interesting non-conflicting projects in the mobile app development industry, including Xamarin development, design, UI/UX, project management and QA.

I can be contacted at robert@inkrh.com.

(mobi) project management and QA

(personal) iOS game

(mobi) project management and QA


The applications listed here are my personal applications, created mainly for my own use over a few minutes of spare time. Source code for some apps is available at https://github.com/inkrh.

For examples of my professional work, including PM, QA and development on many front-line, line of business and enterprise level applications for Windows, Android and iOS see this mirror of this old migration.mobi site.


Information such as location, IP addresses and device identifiers may be collected in my applications by analytics services. This information is only used for analytics purposes only.

The applications mentioned above use Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Forms (iOS), Silverlight (WP8/8.1), WinRT (WP8.1), Xamarin.Forms (Android) and Java (Android), using the respective OS SDKs, and are limited to the features described in their store listings.

(mobi) QA

(mobi) enterprise development

(personal) iOS utility

(personal) iOS utility


print asset

cover artwork

print artwork


project management

quality assurance

workflow management

visual and functional quality control

project analysis

project planning

application and website wireframing

source control and work-item management

.Net, Xamarin.Forms, Python, XAML

familiarity with Java, JavaScript, HTML, and various other languages

creation of proofs of concept

Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe CS tools

Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio

copy editing


graphic processing



T-shirt asset

35mm photography

chemical toning

macro photography