about us

migration.mobi is a full service design and development studio creating rich, unique and innovative applications for today's mobile platforms.

based in Austin, Texas, we combine new technologies with modern design. we are passionate about innovation and experienced in creating meaningful, usable software which inspires and is inspired by the needs of the world around us.

our core team is based in Austin, where we have whole-heartedly embraced the remote workspace methodology and have purposely included a familial atmosphere in our work ethic in order to maximise the time spent doing what we love, and what our clients and production partners want - producing effective and efficient applications.

our team hails from varied backgrounds, and has many skills, including comprehensive native iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone and Xamarin experience, adaptive production techniques, continuous development, application design, application analysis, and extensive software porting experience.

over the years we have partnered with some of the world’s most recognizable brands to deliver engaging, stunning experiences to help our clients build lasting and valuable relationships with their customers.

with an ever-growing list of apps in our portfolio, we are proud to continue to connect businesses with customers, employees and users across the world.

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